Dolmar introduced the World’s first Petrol chainsaw in 1927 and has followed with a string of other innovative World Firsts such as the one-man operated chainsaw in 1952, the injection carburettor in 1987, and the four stroke chainsaw in 2000.

Unlike many other companies, DOLMAR is totally committed to retaining its established production base in Germany where it has access to a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Other production locations do not provide the same scope for achieving our productivity and quality objectives.

The company’s double-digit productivity growth rates of recent years speak for themselves. To maintain this track record, DOLMAR stays tuned to the latest developments in production engineering technology.

DOLMAR products are manufactured on high-tech production lines. In many cases the company has designed and built its own complex machining centres. Fine-tuned logistics and materials handling are a prerequisite for "just-in-time" production methods. Almost without exception, DOLMAR products are assembled by small workgroups on a single-piece flow basis. This results in added motivation and job satisfaction, increased productivity – and consequently, reduced warranty and repair costs.

Quality management plays a pivotal role at DOLMAR. The company’s quality assurance system (which also extends to external component suppliers) conforms to the exacting standards laid down in DIN ISO 9002. Preparations are also already well under way for certification in line with ISO 9001:2000